The CD Spotlight allows you to place an embedded module (e.g. SoundCloud, iTunes, Spotify) in The Jazz Line’s sidebar, allowing users to listen to or download your new album.

You may choose which service you wish to embed/link from, and we’re happy to offer recommendations to ensure the success of your campaign.

We offer two types of CD Spotlights:

The Standard CD Spotlight appears in the sidebar of every article page on The Jazz Line, just below a standard advertisement.

The Premium CD Spotlight appears in the sidebar in place of the standard advertisement, in the top right hand corner of every article page on The Jazz Line, providing optimal exposure for your release.

You may run your campaign as long as you like, and pick the start and end date/time of your campaign.

Interested? – Click here to contact us.

CD Spotlight Ad Specifications:

Required Width: 300px
Minimum Height: 250px
Maximum Height: 400px
File Types Accepted: JPG / PNG / Rich Media / 3rd Party Tags
Maximum File Size: 100kb (Image), 150kb (Rich), 250kb (3rd party tag – initial load)