The Jazz Line offers a unique Site Skin/Wallpaper Ad unit which takes over the entire background of every page on The Jazz Line. Your high-resolution creative will be clickable, and can be linked to any webpage of your choosing (e.g. Your website / iTunes / Amazon MP3). The wallpaper is locked in place, so no matter how far a visitor scrolls down the page, your message is always in view. This is a very high-impact ad unit that provides visitors with a powerful statement about your brand and product.

For a small premium, you may also purchase a roadblock on all other advertising on The Jazz Line for the duration of your Site Skin / Wallpaper campaign. Allowing you to remove all other ads, or have your ads take over every ad unit on The Jazz Line for maximum impact.

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Site Skin/Wallpaper Ad unit Example (Click to Enlarge):

Need help designing your Site Skin / Wallpaper advert? – We can help with that too, just ask!