The Jazz Line is trying to inspire positive change by building a new way for the online jazz community to share content and support each other. As a result, not all videos uploaded to The Jazz Line will be approved for publication.

The following guidelines offer a practical guide to the dos and don’ts of our new service:

  1. Focus On Quality:

    1. Your videos should be of the highest possible quality. Make sure your shots are well-lit and properly arranged, ensure the audio is clear and balanced, and avoid sloppy editing at all costs.
  2. Stay On Topic:

    1. Is your video really relevant to an audience of jazz-lovers?
  3. Be Cool:

    1. Show respect to everyone. Do not harass or threaten anyone in your videos, invade anyone’s privacy, or reveal anyone else’s personal information.
    2. Sexually explicit / pornographic material is strictly prohibited.
    3. Do not post ‘spammy’ videos, or upload large amounts of repetitive content.
    4. Do not attempt to mislead viewers in any way with inaccurate descriptions or titles.
  4. Respect The Man:

    1. You must hold all the necessary rights and permissions (inc. copyrights) to any video you upload to The Jazz Line.
      1. Do not upload rips of music videos, live performance videos, television shows, or any other third-party copyrighted material
      2. Do not upload videos you didn’t make, or use content (such as backing tracks, live performances) without all necessary rights and permissions.
    2. The Jazz Line is purely for personal, non-commercial use. Don’t disrespect us by selling access to services that we go out of our way to provide for free in order to benefit our community.


These guidelines are intended to support the safety and integrity of our entire community, and they will be strictly enforced. We have automated systems in place that scan videos for violations of these guidelines. Any videos found to be in breach of these guidelines, our Terms of Use, or our Video Submission Agreement will be removed and repeat offenders may be barred from accessing The Jazz Line.

Thank you for jumping on The Jazz Line and helping to support our little corner of the internet and the wider jazz community. If you ever have any questions or suggestions, please don’t hesitate to Contact Us.