Can I add information while the video is uploading?

Yes! While you’re waiting for your video to upload, you can enter a title, credits, and description for your video.

Who can see my videos after I upload?

All videos uploaded to The Jazz Line are public by default, and available to anyone with an internet connection to view.

Why is my video taking to long to upload?

It could be any number of reasons. Ensure you have a strong network connection and a fast internet connection. Also try closing any other programs that may be interfering with your upload.

My upload has stopped, or is stuck. What do I do?

Please make sure you’re using the latest version of your web browser, and double-check that you have a strong connection to the Internet – Especially if you’re on a Wi-Fi connection. If you’re having issues uploading, it may help if you close any other tabs, browsers, or applications that use a lot of bandwidth (e.g. Skype, online games, etc…). If you’re still having problems after that, try using a hardwired Ethernet connection (if you’re on Wi-Fi) and turning off any ad blockers or energy-saving options on your computer.

If that doesn’t help, try re-exporting your video using the settings recommended in our video quality guidelines below. That should make it easier for you to upload your file to The Jazz Line. If you’re still having trouble after that, please Contact Us.

Can I upload through my cellphone?

Yes! We support most modern mobile browsers.

I uploaded a video, but the audio is out of sync! How can I fix it?

This is a common problem with certain video encoders and formats. We recommend you read our Video Quality Guidelines and re-export your file using our recommended settings. If you’ve uploaded a long video (25+ minutes), you may want to split the video into multiple clips before uploading to help avoid this ‘audio drift’ phenomenon.

My video has no sound! How can I fix it?

You will need to re-upload your video using the recommended settings in our Video Quality Guidelines.

Can I upload a video with any aspect ratio?

We will do our best to support any aspect ratios you upload; however, that’s no guarantee that your video won’t look funky. We natively support square pixels and a fixed aspect ratio of 16:9 (widescreen), however, we can also support 4:3 (square) in most circumstances. Check out our Video Quality Guidelines below for more information.

How many videos can I upload at once?

Just one at a time, please.

Can I upload anything I want?

No! The Jazz Line Videos are intended to showcase the best jazz videos out there. You should also only upload videos you created yourself and/or own all the necessary rights to. Please see our Content Guidelines for more information.

What happens after I upload a video?

After your video has finished uploading, it is transferred over to our Media Server, where it is validated, re-encoded, and published on The Jazz Line. This process happens in a batch, once every 24 hours.

What happens if there is a processing delay?

Video processing may be delayed for any number of reasons, such as if the queue of files waiting to be processed gets too long. When this happens, we will manually intervene to speed up the process and the system should catch up within an additional 24 hours.

If this happens, there is no need to re-upload your file. If you do re-upload, your file will actually get moved to the back of the queue, causing further delays for your video.

Do you have a smallest size video I can upload?

Your videos must be at least 1MB in size to upload to The Jazz Line. This is to prevent people from accidentally uploading a reference to their video created by their editing program, and not their real video (It happens more often than you’d think!).

What Browser should I use to upload?

Although we support all major browsers, including Apple Safari (4.0+), Mozilla Firefox (5.0+), Opera (12.0+), and Microsoft Internet Explorer (9.0+), we strongly recommend that you use the latest version of Google Chrome to upload your video.

Video Quality Guidelines

We recommend that you export your video using the following settings to ensure your video looks as great as it possibly can when it reaches us.

Codec: H.264

A codec is the format your video will be encoded in. While we accept all the most widely used video codecs, we strongly recommend H.264 (with an .mp4 wrapper, rather than .m4v).

Frame Rate: 24 or 30 FPS (Constant)

The frame rate is the number of frames your video displays every second. It is measured in Frames Per Second (FPS). While we support any frame rate between 15fps and 60fps, we strongly recommend that you upload your video with the same frame rate that it was recorded in. This will usually be either 24 (23.976) or 30 (29.97) FPS. Your frame rate should always be set to Constant and if you can select a key-frame frequency, it should be set to the same value as the frame rate.

You should also de-interlace any interlaced videos before uploading.

Bit Rate: Varies

The Bit Rate controls the overall quality of your video, and size of your video file. It is usually measured in kilobits per second (kbps). If you have the option to do so, we strongly recommend your select a Variable Bit Rate and set the target bit rate to 2,000kbps for Standard Definition (SD) video, or 5,000kbps for High Definition (720p HD) video.

Resolution: Varies

Resolution refers to the physical size of your video, measured in pixels. While we can accept any resolution between 360p and 720p, we recommend you upload with one of following resolutions:

  • 640 x 360p (Standard Definition)
  • 854 x 480p (Standard Definition)
  • 1280 x 720p (High Definition)
  • 1920 x 1080p (High Definition) We no longer support 1080p video. You may upload a  1080p video, but it will be down-sampled to 720p.


We recommend you export your video with the AAC-LC audio codec running at a data rate of at least 160kbps. We also recommend you maintain a sample rate of 48khz.


  • Use progressive scan (No interlacing)
  • Use the High Profile for H.264 videos.