Every jazz fan is sure to be aware of pianist Keith Jarrett‘s (many) issues with concert photography. At his last appearance in New York’s Carnegie Hall, Jarrett repeatedly walked off and back on to the stage before ultimately having an assistant verbally re-iterate his strict ‘No Photography’ policy. He later explained to the audience that his work is a, “process… It’s not something photographable. When people take whatever they take home with them, it’s meaningless. But it screws with us.”

The lengths Jarrett will go to ensure he is not photographed while performing are somewhat legendary. But, perhaps, in the future he can dispense with the effort and adopt a policy like R&B songstress Alicia Keys.

The singer just adopted a strict no-cell-phone policy that is sure to be far more effective than both Jarrett’s ramblings, and popular singer Adele‘s legendary outbursts at people disrupting her performances.

People attending Keys’ concerts will now be required to place their phone in something called a Yondr case – A small neoprene phone case that locks as concertgoers enter the venue. When the concert is over patrons simply tap their phone on a small metal plate, which unlocks the case as they leave.

This allows you to keep your phone in your possession throughout the concert, albeit without the ability to use it.

Confiscating cell phones leaves both artists and venues open to lawsuits, and banning cell phones completely is completely impractical in this day and age. However, the Yondr case provides a middle ground that allows concertgoers to step out of the venue and use their phones in case of an emergency while also ensuring that everyone is engaged with the artist and nobody’s view is obstructed by someone recording or taking a photo.

Keys isn’t the only performer artist adopting this technology. Folk-rockers The Lumineers have tested Yondr cases at some of their shows, and comedians such as Louis C.K. and Dave Chappelle are reportedly planning to use the cases during their upcoming shows.

What do you think? – Would you be willing to lock your phone in a case to see your favorite performers?