Joe Sample has been hospitalized after being diagnosed with what is thought to be Pneumonia.

The news comes directly from his management, who posted a message to Sample’s Facebook fans explaining why he had to cancel an upcoming performance in Oakland, CA.

The statement read: “Mr. Sample was recently hospitalized with what appears to be a severe case of pneumonia. A surgical procedure to remove a build up of fluids in his lung was performed, and Mr. Sample remains hospitalized. Doctors have advised Mr. Sample to undergo an extended period of convalescence before he will be able to resume his professional schedule.”

Update: More details have since emerged about Joe Sample’s condition. It has now been confirmed Pneumonia was not the reason for his hospitalization. Sample had an undetected cyst on one of his lungs, which caused breathing difficulties when fluid started to leak through the cyst. The surgery to remove the cyst and the fluid was successful, and he is expected to make a full recovery.

Sample, 74, is one of the most influential pianists of a generation, and one of the founding members of The Crusaders. He has been an active musician for more than 45 years, and after 21 solo albums (and many more accompanying others over the years) he has no plans to stop any time soon. Earlier this year, Sample was writing music about the history of the nuns of Our Mother of Mercy; an order of black nuns that provided Sample with an education while he was growing up in Houston, TX. They did so well, Sample was able to skip a grade when he first entered high school.

Fans have been wishing Sample a speedy recovery, and the Facebook post has more than 250 comments from well-wishers at the time of publication.