Roy Hargrove has been sentenced to two days of community service after admitting to cocaine possession.

The sentence comes after the critically acclaimed trumpeter was arrested in New York City after undercover police officers saw him enter the car of a known drug dealer and buy four bags of the drug in the early hours of April 5, according to the New York Post.

It it widely known that Hargrove, like many musicians, has had problems with drugs in the past. Other reports also  suggest that he has already been arrested for DUI and marijuana possession in the past.

After Hargrove, 44, plead guilty, Manhattan Criminal Court Judge Neil Ross urged the musician to re-think his lifestyle, saying: “I hope we can be confident about the fact we won’t see you in this building again. There are other places people want to see you and people who’ve wanted to see you for a very long time – just not here.”

Possession of small amounts of cocaine is considered a misdemeanor in New York. However, if Hargrove manages to keep his nose clean and complete the community service on time the charge will be reduced to a violation, which will strike the charge from his criminal record.

Watch Roy Hargrove perform “Strasbourg St. Denis” below: