Most people don’t associate Mother’s Day with the Blues, perhaps for good reason. However Mother’s Day provides the rare opportunity to interpret many blues songs in a completely different light, and we’re taking full advantage of that at The Jazz Line. This year, we’ve chosen ‘Nobody Loves Me But My Mother’ by B.B. King as this years Mother’s Day track.

Riley ‘B.B.’ King, is undoubtedly The King of Blues. Having spent over half a century as one of the most recognizable and influential artists of all time, the 85 year old Blues legend show no signs of stopping, and continues the grueling tour schedule of over 200 shows per year that he has maintained for most of his musical career. Credited with bringing Blues into the mainstream, his influence is clear in the generation of rock and blues guitarists that came after him, most notably Eric ‘Slowhand’ Clapton and Stevie Ray Vaughn.

Now check out a video of B.B. performing ‘Nobody loves me but my mother’ below – But don’t enjoy it too much – Remember… She could be jiving too!