We write about young, upcoming musicians a lot on The Jazz Line. From guitar prodigy Andreas Varady, to the high-school students comprising the North Corridor Jazz All-Stars. Now, we have one more to add to the list – 17-year-old musician/producer BERA.

A Paris native that also calls the Republic of Georgia home, the charismatic star has been drawing comparisons to a young Brian Culbertson as he tries to build his audience. Now, after working with two of the worlds most renowned music producers, responsible for the likes of Lady Gaga and Michael Jackson, this musician seems destined for greatness.

I’ll be the first to say, his sound is still ‘raw’ and will need some work, but for a young musician, whose love of Jazz at a young age motivated him to create more music, he shows a lot of promise.

Check out the first single, ‘Favorite Things,’ from his debut EP ‘Late Night Cruise Music,’ below: