Long-standing Santana member Bill Ortiz has announced the release date of his Jazz/Hip-Hop crossover EP ‘Winter In America’.

The record, which contains a selection of tracks from his upcoming album ‘Highest Wish’, will follow-up on his popular 2009 solo debut album ‘From Where I Stand’.

‘Winter In America’ will feature a range of artists, including rappers The Grouch and K-Maxx, alongside Ortiz’s long-time Santana bandmate Tony Lindsey on vocals.

Ortiz credits Carlos Santana with inspiring the album, saying: “Carlos has always used music to inspire and bring people together… I follow in that tradition.”

Ortiz went on to say: “I’ve been really encouraged by some of the Bay Area hip-hop artists like Zumbi and the Grouch, who make music with enlightened lyrics… We often celebrate ignorance in our society, so I wanted to celebrate consciousness,” of his choice of collaborators on the album.

Ortiz’s has a long history in Jazz, Hip-Hop, and R’n’B, having played the trumpet on records by TLC, Destiny’s Child, Tony Toni Tone, and many others.

Bill Ortiz’s ‘Winter In America’ EP will be released worldwide on January 31, 2012.

Watch Bill Ortiz in action performing ‘Dame’ Tu Amor’ with the Santana Band below: