The Upstairs Jazz Club in Montreal has just undergone a major Expansion.

The small jazz club seats just 75, but finds itself open to an much larger audience for 360 days every year after opening its doors to the web.

Gigs held at the venue are now open to viewers across the world via live-streaming on the web, allowing Jazz fans to view live video of the performances as they happen.

The venue is fast-becoming a popular destination for Jazz across the world, with regular visitors from across the US, Canada, and Europe. “It’s becoming part of the culture of the club and we’re really excited about it,” club owner Joel Giberovich told CTV saturday.

Musicians are also happy about the new streaming services offered by the club. Pianist and Montreal-native François Bourassa believes it offers new opportunities for his band. “Many people from different areas can hear our music.”

The most popular performances in the club will also be archived, so Jazz fans can stream them after the performance has ended.

Click Here to watch the Upstairs Jazz Club live stream.