Soweto Kinch has recovered his one of a kind Alto Sax, which was stolen almost a month ago.

Soweto Kinch

The critically acclaimed British rapper/saxophonist took to twitter to announce the news, saying: “After 3 agonizing weeks, I finally managed to recover my baby from the area! She’s never leaving my sight again”

The saxophone was stolen from the the trunk of a car in Islington, London on April 24.

“It’s like part of my anatomy being ripped out. It’s the fact that this is what I do. Imagine someone taking away your ability to do your job. It’s part of me,” Kinch explained to a local newspaper, devastated after his saxophone was stolen.

Kinch posted flyers in the area, scoured pawn shops, and took to social media in an attempt to secure the return of the saxophone, which he has been using for the past 13 years. In the end, someone in the area saw Kinch’s flyers and returned the saxophone in exchange for the cash reward.

The one of a kind Selmer Mark VI was returned completely in-tact and with no damage done. Though he may want to get a new mouthpiece…

Watch Soweto Kinch put his Selmer Mark VI to good use in the video below: