Written by Cassie Dixon.

Meet Octavius ‘Otha’ Womack.

This man can sing! He appears to be one of those under-appreciated talents you occasionally hear about but rarely ever get to hear. YouTube has made it much easier to hear artists like that and it’s always something to behold; especially when you’re dealing with someone like Womack, whose voice is bubbling with unbridled power and passion. He has an amazingly powerful voice which took him past the early stages of America’s Got Talent before being dropped from the show.

Mindless and random abilities always seem to trump true talent on reality TV, so that is to be expected. But we’re hoping to hear a lot more from Octavius in the future.

Listen to Octavius ‘Otha’ Womack‘s passionate performance of the Bill Withers classic “Ain’t No Sunshine” below:

Also, click over to the next page to listen to Octavius perform with Austin Peralta (R.I.P)