Soweto Kinch‘s saxophone was stolen from the trunk of his car last week.

In an attempt to secure the return of his unique saxophone, the British Rapper/Saxophonist shared details about both the theft and the instrument on Twitter and Facebook.

The Alto Saxophone in question is a one-of-a-kind silver on brass Selmer Mark VI. Speaking about the importance of the instrument, Kinch said; “It’s really hard to explain, but anyone who knows a Mark VI saxophone will understand.” Each saxophone of this kind was hand-made by Henri Selmer Paris; which has long been the brand of choice for many influential musicians, including John Coltrane, Paul Desmond, and Coleman HawkinsKinch’s specific instrument, serial number 1047XX (last 2 digits unknown), was made in 1967.

If you can find someone in an unfortunate enough position to part with their Selmer Mark VI, it will cost you around $8000 to purchase. However, the instrument is ‘priceless’ for Kinch, who saved up for years to purchase the instrument 15 years ago.

Speaking to his local newspaper about the theft, Kinch explained: “It’s like part of my anatomy being ripped out. It’s the fact that this is what I do. Imagine someone taking away your ability to do your job. It’s part of me.

“I just want the saxophone back.”

Soweto Kinch, 35, is best known for mixing many different musical genres and styles into his music. He has won numerous Jazz awards, two MOBO awards, and performed with the likes of Amy Winehouse.

Despite everything, Kinch remains optimistic, saying: “The show will go on… This is not going to break me mentally or spiritually.”

Watch Soweto Kinch perform “Never Ending” from his 2012 album ‘The New Emancipation’ below: