The Little Willies, aka Norah Jones‘ country side project have released their second album, ‘For The Good Times’.

Piggy backing off their first self-titled album, this album features covers of country classics. Jones proves abundantly that her voice can cross genres and then bend them to her liking. This album is filled with great songs to showcase her signature voice as well as the bluesy chops of her band affectionately named with Willie Nelson in mind.

The title track for this album focuses well on the talent Jones brings to this project. Placed at track ten this track follows some short but sweet songs, but this song brings the focus back into the musicians behind the music. Definitely one that deserves attention. Another song to mention is Dolly Parton‘s ‘Jolene’. The song, as it was intended, cries out to the listener, begging their attention. She makes the same plea as Parton and makes it well. Permanently Lonely sounds most of classic Jones with piano heavy accompaniment. This is a fun album that doesn’t take itself too seriously.

The Jazz Line Rating - 3 Stars