Norah Jones has released the music video for her latest single, ‘Miriam’.

The incredibly dark pairing of the song and the video prove to be a marked departure from the generally upbeat tone of almost all of Jones’ past releases.

Directed by Philip Andelman, the video features a slow-panning camera gradually revealing the final details of a murder scene; perfectly complimenting the increasingly intense lyrics throughout the song, which broaches the subjects of fidelity, guilt and death. The track itself, taken from Jones’ ‘Little Broken Hearts’ album, is one of the most intensely emotional on the record.

It is unclear who or what Miriam actually is, which led many fans to speculate on just who she might be. Some have suggested Miriam is an unfaithful friend, while others believe her to be a symbolic representation of the death of some undesirable part of Jones’ own character.

Norah Jones’ latest album ‘Little Broken Hearts’ was co-produced by the ever genre-defiant Danger Mouse.

Watch the music video for ‘Miriam’ below:

Norah Jones will be on tour for the remainder of this year, making stops in North and South America, Europe, and Asia. Click over to the next page for a full list of tour dates and venues.